Trained Horses

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Trained Horses

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From the young horse to the Grand PrixTrained Horses

 The development in training the Young Horse is a gradual progressive job. The youngsters are enrolled into various competitions, for the more advanced CDI-YH classes are encouraged to gain “arena” experience at an early age. We adjust our training schedule to suit each horse individually according to his particular talents. Our professional riders begin to teach the piaffe in hand at the age of four which gently encourages elasticity and bend in the haunches. The first outings at Grand Prix Level occur around the age of eight or nine. The career of each horse is carefully tailored to his talent and ability.Buy Dressage Horse with excellent gaits ,

We can offer you a large selection of horses with a good temperament and mental attitude to their work, elastic paces, and a magnificent capacity for collection.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions or information you may require. We can assist you to find the perfect horse!