Sylvain Massa

Dressage Horse Breeder
Sylvain Massa

Born in 1948 in Cannes, Sylvain Massa grew up on the French Riviera. By the age of 25, he had been show jumping for several years. It was at this time that Sylvain became seduced by a well-trained Lusitano.

The man and his beliefsSylvain Massa

Sylvain MASSA was charmed by the beauty, kindness and generosity of the Lusitano breed. Originally bred to be a war horse, Sylvain became impressed with the mental and courageous character of this noble breed. The passion that Sylvain Massa has for these horses has led him to believe that they are without a doubt, extraordinary.

35 years on in the Var Hinterland, Sylvain decided that he wanted to createa breeding programme to produce Lusitano dressage horses that are able to compete with the very best of the German breeds. To make his dream come true, he sought the help of the late great Dr. Guilherme Borba, the renowned breeder of Lusitano horses in Portugal. Sylvain is so grateful for the vast amount of knowledge that Dr. Borba shared with him on the breeding and genetics of Iberian horses. Their relationship also led to an amazing opportunity to acquire some of the best mares on his farm: Nortada, Guapa, Ortega, Tempestade, Janota and the acquisition of the International Grand Prix stallion, Maestro. Over three decades of love, hard work, dedication and careful selection have paid off; Sylvain Massa has realised his dream of producing horses of the very highest quality. He is now the proud owner and breeder of over 350 pure bred Lusitano and CPD horses that represent some of the finest examples of their kind. Lusitano horses from his breeding programme are now regularly competing in international dressage competitions, as well as the Olympics, and the World Equestrian Games.

* Cavalo Português de Desporto