Broodmares Center

Broodmares Center
Jumenterie Massa

The progress of our foals’ upbringing

Located in Raphèle les Arles, a small community just minutes from the Massa Breeding Center our foals roam free year round. Set in over 200 hectares of fields in Crau, France our 80 broodmares live in herds in bucolic tranquility.

A passionate team

Our Stable Head, Frederic Blanc, has been with us for over 18 years and is a professional Equine Manager.

Frederic Blanc’s team pays the utmost attention to the mares, monitoring them daily. Veterinarians and technicians work closely together during the breeding season.

Insemination can be done in hand with fresh or frozen semen and by embryo transfer. We work with experienced professionals who employ the latest techniques.

Birth to weaning

From February until June the team monitors the mares closely so that all the foaling takes place in the best of conditions. Each foal is pampered until the age of 6 months. Our goal is to engender trust with all of our horses from an early age. Withdrawal is the last step: the foals leave the breeding centre to the Crau fields, where they remain until they are 3 years old.

Jumenterie 200 hectares
Jumenterie Poulains dans Pré de Crau
Jumenterie Elevage Massa

Special features

After their first foal the Mares wear a unique cowbell around their necks. The sound from each of the bells is distinct and allows the foal to easily recognise his or her mother. This also allows Frederic Blanc to detect any abnormal movement in the herd. When the broodmares are grazing peacefully the sound of the cowbells is soft and quiet. When the herd is agitated the bells ring loudly and alert the team.