Breeding Center

Breeding Center
Massa's Breeding Center

A Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle for our Horses

Located in Saint Martin de Crau, France the Chateau Bretonne is a paradise for horses, The meadows and hay which we produce from the plains in this area are very special and come with a recognised AOC certificate of excellence. These meadows provide all the needs for an optimal and balanced growth for our foals.

We can provide for sale: 1 year old yearlings, 2 years old yearlings and 3 years old horses.

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An Effective Collaboration

After more than 35 years of selective breeding by Sylvain Massa he is proud to be able to provide for sale one hundred horses aged from 6 months up to 3 years old.

Functional and secure, our facilities assures tranquility and serenety during the weaning and the different handling process.

These horses are separated after weaning into two groups according to gender. These groups are very important for their future development and character building. Under the watchful eye of Anne Sophie De La Gatinais all the youngsters needs are closely monitored.

Horses From The Best Blood Lines

There are two Groups of Horses available the Pureblood Lusitano and the CPD* – Lusitano Sport (Lusitano mare x Dutch or German Stallion).

* Cavalo Português de Desporto



Special Feature

The hay produced on the Crau plaines enjoys a special distinction of origin (A O C). This is the first feed to receive such an honour. Its packaging can be recognised by a white and red string, The history of these fields dates back to the sixteenth century and the first system of irrigation was put in place by Adam Craponne.The waters of the Durance River were taken and transported to Crau. Gradually secondary canals have been redirected so now there exists a superficial network of several hundred kilometres which irrigate the Crau surface.

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