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Sylvain Massa has developed his breeding program in two complementary directions: The Pure Blood Lusitano (PSL) and the Lusitano Sport (CPD). The excellent results achieved over a period of time( confirmation and gates,dressage competitions,Olympic Games,European Championships) have shown the importance of Sylvain Massa’s program.

Pur Sang Lusitanien Massa Competition Internationale

Pure Blood Lusitano Massa PSL. A Remarkable Breed

The Pure Blood Lusitano horses by Massa are very successful in International Dressage Competitions. Robinson de Massa is currently the best French Dressage horse with Grand Prix averages above 73 percent. Many PSL by Massa horses have followed in his footsteps.

The strength of the Massa Breeding program is to have kept two key qualities: collection and good temperament while all the time improving their impulsion.

* Pure Blood Lusitano

Lusitano Sport Massa CPD : An expectional Breed

In the beginning of this century a new register was created Cavalos Português de Desporto «Lusitano Sport». Sylvian Massa took the best qualities of the Lusitano breed( collection and temperament) on the” mares side, and the best of the German And Dutch Grand Prix Stallions( strength and impulsion) on the sires side

Many riders who have acquired these Massa horses are very satisfied with their excellent temperament, their ability to learn quickly, their impulsion, their collection,and their ability to extend.

* Cavalo Português de Desporto
Cavalo Português de Desporto Cheval Exceptionnel